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Passive Voice in Action

Active sentences are about what people (or things) do, while passive sentences are about what happens to people (or things). In academic writing, it is generally preferred to choose an active verb and pair it with a subject that names the person or thing doing or performing the action. Active verbs are stronger and usually more emphatic than forms of the verb be or verbs in the passive voice.Generally, active sentences make the writing or speech simpler, stronger, and more direct. In most case...


The poem, Daffodils, is famous for its simplicity, sing-song-like rhythm, and thematic beauty. It is one of the best-loved poems by the fountainhead of romanticism, William Wordsworth. It talks about ...


Anchoring any kind of function is always a challenging task but with the right anchoring script, it is always easy. Introducing the program and the participants and controlling all the schedules as pe...

Woman as Protagonist and Victim

Silence! The Court is in Session is the first of Vijay Tendulkar’s plays to become part of the New Indian Drama phenomenon of the sixties and the first significant modern Indian play in any language t...

I Can’t Help Blossoming

Dr K Ayyappa Panikar is one of the pioneers of modernism in Malayalam poetry. In his poem, I Can’t Help Blossoming he speaks about the importance of having the contentment of accomplishing one’s own l...




Dante Divine

Homer’s Epics