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The tagmemic theory is concerned primarily with a grammatical analysis and is especially associated with Kenneth Lee Pike. It is an offshoot of structuralism. Structuralism ignored the functions of a linguistic form and concentrated only on form. Tagmemics fuses the form as well as the function of a linguistic entity. According to this approach, utterances can be analyzed simultaneously at three interpenetrating levels, where each level represents a hierarchy of units. These levels are lexical (...

Flat and Round Characters

Characters are a vital component of any literary work. Characters can be sorted into different types according to their creation and development. Flat and round characters are one such classification....

The Mind Without Fear

Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo -Where the Mind is Without Fear -represents Rabindranath Tagore's vision of a new and awakened India. It is a distinctly political and patriotic poem amongst the religious lyri...

Cleft Sentences

A cleft sentence is one in which a single thought is split (or cleft) into two parts. This allows one to emphasize a specific element by moving it from its normal position into a position of focus or ...


Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. In English, there are three articles: a, an, and the. They are used before nouns or noun equivalents and are a type of adjective. The d...





Cleft Sentences


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Being Incomplete

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A Gandhian Novel


The Kitemaker

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